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The Feldenkrais Method™:

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The Feldenkrais Method

The Feldenkrais Method uses the intimate medium of your own way of moving to bring you into deeper contact with your natural abilities to move, think, sense, and feel. 

Ongoing Classes & Clinics

Classes at Linnton Community Center
10614 NW St. Helens Rd., Portland
Mondays, 11am - noon

NEW! Low-Cost Community Feldenkrais Clinic
Vital Human offered 3rd Sunday of the month, starting February 2010
$15-25 sliding scale
More info:

Private Lessons
A one-hour private lesson (called Functional Integration) will be custom-tailored to your individual needs. You come comfortably dressed and we work on a low table or chair or standing (whatever seems most useful for the particular movement exploration) for 45-50 minutes. 

In group lessons (called Awareness Through Movement), I talk you through a series of gentle and often unusual movement sequences designed to illuminate your own habitual body-patterns and to introduce new possibilities. 

In both private and group lessons, you choose the range and pacing of your movements, and explore them at the level you find comfortable. There's nothing you need to know or to have done before you begin. You simply investigate your own sensations and movements, not quite knowing what you'll find. In fact, the real invitation here is to go beyond what you already know, know how to do, and are sure of doing well.

Lessons of both kinds are truly educational in the full sense of that word: "to draw forth." They are times set aside for you to attend to something essential coming forth from you—your way of moving. I think of them as laboratory times—safe times for making your own experiments and discovering your results. Times in which you can leisurely notice and linger over movement-details, and allow your nervous system to practice choosing comfort over discomfort. Sometimes you may also find that your growing awareness of movement-patterns brings other life-patterns into clearer focus, as well.

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Please contact me with any questions. Thank you for visiting!