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The more life there is, the more flexibility there is. The more you are alive, the more fluid you are. - Arnaud Desjardins


Watch as a baby reaches for a toy: every part of that baby—look at those eyes!—is engaged in the act of reaching. That’s the way children do things—with all of themselves; using not only more parts of their bodies, but more of their minds, feelings, and imaginations as well. Whole-person living comes naturally to children. For adults, however, maintaining this whole-person way of living requires a conscious commitment—a commitment to skillful self-attention.

The elegantly designed Feldenkrais Method can help you develop the kind of self-attention and self-care that foster comfort and creativity in your daily living. You begin by learning to pay close attention to those details of your own way of moving that often go unnoticed. This is the thread you follow into the labyrinth of yourself. You will be surprised as you find that becoming increasingly aware of the way you move profoundly affects your thinking, emotions, and imagination.

As your personal investigation unfolds, you will see more clearly the rich web of interconnecting functions you really are. Your increasing ability to gently focus on your own sensation and movement will allow you to discover how they have influenced the shape that you and your life have taken. And, by the same gentle process, you can continue to refine yourself and your life further. No matter where you may be in this creative process, I will be honored and delighted to be your companion in the exploration.

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The Feldenkrais Method

Private lessons are available by appointment. Class lessons are ongoing:
  Linnton Community Center
  10614 NW St. Helens Rd., Portland
  Mondays, 11am - noon

NEW! Low-Cost Community Feldenkrais Clinic
Vital Human offered 3rd Sunday of the month, starting February 2010
$15-25 sliding scale
More info:

Please call or email for more information.

The Labyrinth

Scientist Gregory Bateson spoke of the importance of finding “the pattern that connects.” For me, the labyrinth—a form that naturally invites one to enter—is such a pattern. Walking one affirms both individuality and community, and is a powerful way to celebrate almost any occasion. I’ve helped families and organizations of many kinds plan labyrinth-walking events over the past 25 years, and will be happy to help you plan one, too.

The Music

I've written music for four plays, and am currently appearing as pianist in the fourth: Tell It Slant, a perspective on Emily Dickinson.

My long history of writing music for choirs and choruses I’ve directed includes these song-cycles: Remembering the Way (in honor of the labyrinth), music for a Winter Solstice celebration, and Journey of the Raindrop (telling water’s story as our own).